We will always have endless love for our little island. Warm hospitality dominated by our islands grandma’s and grandpa’s, even warmer weather, stunning scenery and some incredibly underrated local products and services.

The latter has hit so many drawbacks simply due to the fact that the state of web design on the island just doesn’t make the cut.

We are all pros at shopping online with international brands or searching for a service, but when it comes to searching for a company in Cyprus, it’s a challenge to find a website that backs it up.

With so many local brands trying to stay above the water and get their name out there, a legit fully-functioning, user-friendly (ah man, how many times do I need to click to view a product), the website is vital.

Whenever you visit a website, its appearance pretty much dictates whether you will give the business any credibility or not. And this is where so many Cypriot businesses miss out.

Branding is not on target and websites are poorly built, turning potential customers away in a blink of an eye. With competition being tight on such a small island, it is imperative that local companies jump on the bloody good web design bandwagon.

From governmental bodies to the small family-run olive oil mills, businesses could be madly increasing their bottom line, just by boosting their online presence.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what’s needed to boost the island’s online showcasing


Let’s start right at the beginning. Many local companies have an incredible story behind them. Either a business that was set up in the ’60s and passed down through generations or a story of extraordinarily filling a gap in the market – we know there are quite a few of those – but they are just not evoking this story through their brand.

Times have changed and competition is higher than ever so having a visual brand that stands out is cardinal. Giving your brand a beating heart will place it well in front of its competitors. Whether a modern or traditional brand, it’s visual identity needs to speak to the audience, not be out-dated and really stay in the audience’s mind, so they know exactly where they will go to get their olive oil or traditional crispbreads.

Web design

Everyone nowadays searches online for brands, yet Cyprus still falls behind in providing people with a user-friendly website that will give them everything they need during one engaging surf. If users are hitting your website and not engaging with it, then why are you even present online?

Your website needs to flow impeccably, reflect your brand through visuals and copywriting, and really keep your audience engaged, stress-free and ultimately trigger them to take action. A scary number of brands in Cyprus are blowing away customers – and not in the good sense – from their websites, just because they are, in short, ugly!

Responsiveness is key – your website needs to function perfectly on all devices, buttons need to be clickable, checkout needs to be smooth AF, text readable and the experience, like no other.

Thinking outside of the box and creating a website and brand that differs from your competition, will be the difference in you keeping that family-run business alive, or leaving your great-grandpa that worked so hard to build it, turning in his grave.

Don’t let your business go down the drain; get your dope website up and running in no time, and let’s get the state of brands in Cyprus banging!

Whether a long-standing family business or an innovative startup, Awove is here to build you a brand spanking new website that will wow our fellow islanders. We’ll even throw in a no-strings-attached meetup to see how we can help you.