Marketing vs Branding – Know The Difference

When you’re building a business there are two main things that always get mentioned when determining your success – marketing and branding. But what’s the difference between the two? In short, marketing is a set of tools and strategies that you can use to promote your products, services, and company as a whole. It’s the […]

Benefits of good web design for business big and small

Good web design is key to boosting business and gaining loyal clients. It’s how your business is perceived and its credibility scoring with your audience. Many businesses struggle to switch from underperforming websites to fresh user-friendly websites, and their business ends up paying the price. You wouldn’t want your business going down in flames, would […]

Branding and Visual language. WTF? ????

Engaging a logo designer to design a logo is one step toward a brand. Branding done right goes deeper. The branding process not only helps you get to a final logo concept, but it also generates a cohesive brand and visual language that even if you removed the logo off one of your brand’s assets, […]

TwentySeventeen WordPress theme. What are we looking at??!

Im a big WordPress fan. I use it for everything, recommend it to everyone and I make my living from it. I’ve got a list of cool things I’d like to see WordPress implement / fix but that’s another post. Today however; I am going to take a swipe at WordPress’ new default theme TwentySeventeen. […]

Ah feck it. More “Language” Google Analytics Spam??!

Title says it all folks. Another clever way to get you to vote for Trump (at the time) and another way it seems; around Google’s spam filters (sarcasm detected). This little tricky bugger managed to sneak its way in and give inspiration to a whole new kind of statistics spamming which without a doubt will lead […]

If you wanna go fast. You need fuel, lots of fuel

It’s been a while since I wrote here. It’s been a crazy two years for me with massive personal changes and challenges as a consequence. Whilst this post might come across a little cryptic in the sense that I don’t want to go into exact details; I thought I needed a place to share somewhat […]

Alexa rank!!!?? You referred to what?

Another day and another somebody referring to an Alexa rank for one of my sites. Now this is a question that really gets me all warm and fuzzy inside (stopped getting irritated a long time ago). If you have a blog / site or recently started one, you have at some point stopped by […]

Death of online ads?

As I’m sitting here writing this, grin on my face and all; top right of my Google Chome browser I see the red stop sign with the white hand on it. AdBlock. This is my personal blog, PaperHedge. It’s blocking my own ads. To be honest, I’ve used it for years. Blocking ads not only […]

Hate your previous work

If you are an artist or designer, it is possible you too hate your previous work. This is especially true with me and any of my previous work regardless of whether or not clients or other users rave about it; I still cannot bear it. Design is art, this includes web design. Art is a […]

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