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SEO and Google ads

Is SEO & Google Ads Really Beneficial For Conversion?

As a website owner, the most important factor to consider when looking at website traffic is the potential of visitors turning into customers. 

More specifically, website owners are concerned with increasing their website traffic through Google Ads or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – how can one compare Google Ads to SEO? Should one go for SEO or use both? 

This article will compare Google Ads and SEO to help you determine which method is best for your website traffic increase or website conversion.

SEO can prove very effective in driving website traffic to your website – if done properly. 

SEO involves optimizing your website and its content so it seems higher on the computer program results page (SERP). 

Whenever users conduct a search, the computer program matches their questions with relevant web content. To assist your page to appear in relevant search results, you need to use improvement techniques, like keyword integration and internal linking. A well-optimized page can generate traffic for your website, which can increase your conversions and sales.

Google determines your rank based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Keyword selection: To help your business rank in the right search results, you need to choose relevant keywords for your page. Google will rank your page based on the keywords you select.
  • Content quality: Google wants to direct users to high-quality content that provides them with the information they need. When you have long, informative content, Google is more likely to rank your website higher in the search results. 
  • Site security: Personal information security and privacy are rising concerns for Internet browsers, and Google has noticed, so it’s important to encrypt the information on your site using an SSL certificate.
  • User experience (UX): Google wants to promote sites that offer a positive experience. You must focus on enhancing the user experience on your site, so leads will remain on it longer and help improve your ranking. 
  • Mobile compatibility: Google has been pushing responsive design over the last couple of years due to the rise of mobile web browsing. Responsive design is important because it helps users view your site on any device. 
  • Page speed: Users want information fast, so if you have a slow loading site, you’re not going to rank as well in the search results. Your site needs to load quickly, or users are likely to bounce from your page, which hurts your ranking.

When using SEO Google Ads, the intent of the user in mind is to find a website that is relevant to the search being conducted. With this in mind, the web site’s content should match the search phrase the visitor is using to provide the highest chance of visitor click-through conversion into a customer. As stated above, this matches the search being performed by the visitor. One problem with SEO websites is they don’t necessarily contain the proper content and keywords for the search phrases the visitor is entering, therefore resulting in little to no traffic being driven to the website.

Google Ads, however, can prove very beneficial in website traffic increase through a different method of driving website traffic. This method is called Pay-Per-Click and can prove to be very effective if done correctly. The way this type of website traffic increase works is as follows – you bid on a keyword phrase, the search engine company will then display a list of results from all the advertisers under those terms. The visitor then chooses one of these advertisers under the terms of the bidding war and purchases that particular item. The great thing about this type of website traffic increase is the traffic can be converted at a much higher percentage rate than through SEO alone, which is basically bringing in the same amount of traffic but through SEO methods that are not targeted.

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