The rule of 10 is one of the simplest ways to kick-start your engagement and grow a following on your new blog or website. It is based on the principle of how people are connected and influenced.

Used correctly, this will not only help you grow but at the same time will give viewers of your site the perception that it has a more active following.

How it Works.

When you first start a blog or website it can be hard to get your first comment, like, or newsletter signup. This can often take months if not more to achieve let alone an active engaged community.

The simplest way to overcome this is to invite 10 of your mates or family members to become your SUPER FANS.

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Silly as it may sound, having 10 people actively engaged on social media and commenting on your posts will not only boost your moral, but you will start noticing that there will be an 11th person suddenly participating.

This can happen pretty quickly as most times when someone shares or likes a post on social media, it gets exposed to all of their mates and family. Instantly, it has the potential to go ‘viral’.

In theory, everyone knows another 10, and they each know another 10 and so forth. Expecting that your subject matter would appeal to even a minority, the numbers exponentially are still phenomenal.

You just never know who the next follower is going to be and all you need is that one person or site to reach your content and it truly goes viral.

Perception is everything.

Consider you have a web design agency and no clients. You approach a customer for a website build and you get asked the dreaded question, “do you have a portfolio, can I see it please”?

You may be the best designer and build the best websites but customers need to feel that they are part of a larger group that have taken your services.

The same goes for your blog or site and social media. I’ve found that posts with comments and engagement somehow get more reach and attract other users. Moreover, if someone sees a mate commenting they tend to get on it too.

Playing Open Book.

Making sure your 10 mates are well prepared and versed on dos and don’ts and to keep it as natural as possible will also make this process simpler.

Make sure they are aware of their role in the bigger scheme of things and if you have heaps of mates be sure to choose those that can actively participate. Better yet if they enjoy the topic you write about.

Explain that you want them to:

  1. Like and share all your posts on social media
  2. Comment on your blog posts
  3. Sign up to your newsletter and click on the email when it arrives
  4. Be a spokesperson for your site/ blog
  5. Tell all their friends and family about your awesome site

Starting a site is often the easiest stage and building a following will be the hardest work. Consistency and persistence is key here. Make sure you make those around you aware of this and get them to step up to the plate to assist.

Any thoughts, suggestions or tips anyone? Please share.