Polylang guide – the simple and quick how to setup translated pages.

You’ve installed the Polylang plugin, activated it, and now wondering “what next”? When you first activate the plugin you’re going to make some mistakes and either duplicate pages, loose the ability to see pages on the site and our personal favourite, all kinds of weird errors which ends with you disabling the plugin entirely. Stop […]

Revolution Slider How to change image on an existing slide

With the new major layout changes on Revolution Slider’s recent release, many of our clients seem lost when trying to do something simple as changing an existing slider’s image. So for the sake of ours and now yours, let’s get straight to it. Click on the slide you wish to edit Top right click the […]

TwentySeventeen WordPress theme. What are we looking at??!

Im a big WordPress fan. I use it for everything, recommend it to everyone and I make my living from it. I’ve got a list of cool things I’d like to see WordPress implement / fix but that’s another post. Today however; I am going to take a swipe at WordPress’ new default theme TwentySeventeen. […]

Ah feck it. More “Language” Google Analytics Spam??!

Title says it all folks. Another clever way to get you to vote for Trump (at the time) and another way it seems; around Google’s spam filters (sarcasm detected). This little tricky bugger managed to sneak its way in and give inspiration to a whole new kind of statistics spamming which without a doubt will lead […]

Fix GIF Images that are not Displaying in WordPress

Just a quick fix for when your GIFs dont play on your WordPress blog post or pages. I only found this out yesterday after switching themes. The main culprit is the fact that WordPress or your theme is re-sizing images. GIFs don’t particularly like being re-sized and thus tend to stop “playing”. Simple fix is […]

GoDadddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review

So what do you do when you have a site that targets an international audience and needs to go fast everywhere? You Go-Daddy! I have multiple sites that I manage and most of them target specific regions. In this case I simply us a local host provider (i.e. in New Zealand) to make sure that […]

How to Add Google Adsense Ads to Text in WordPress

Ever tried adding your Google AdSense ads into text in WordPress? If so you know it does not simply ‘paste’ and ‘fit’ into your copy with everything fitting (wrapping) nicely around the ad. Try Google’ing it and you’ll be left even more confused. Quick and Easy Solution? If you are after a quick fix that […]

How to grow your New Blog Following with the Rule of 10

The rule of 10 is one of the simplest ways to kick-start your engagement and grow a following on your new blog or website. It is based on the principle of how people are connected and influenced. Used correctly, this will not only help you grow but at the same time will give viewers of […]

How to Speed up your WordPress Site and Optimise Images

Following up on the Basics of SEO post a while ago we know that site speed is of utmost importance. This is not only due to SEO but also catering for faster browsing requirements by mobile devices and the ever ‘in a rush’ readership. If we take a site page without any images and flashy […]

Best 100% Free WordPress Themes for Your Business

I am a big supporter of the open source community. I always try use only open source where possible/ available and this includes using WordPress as my CMS to manage this site. Picking a theme that is free (open source) that is not just a ‘lite’ version to encourage you to purchase the full version […]

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