I am a big supporter of the open source community. I always try use only open source where possible/ available and this includes using WordPress as my CMS to manage this site.

Picking a theme that is free (open source) that is not just a ‘lite’ version to encourage you to purchase the full version is often very difficult.

Here is my list of absolutely free WordPress Themes that you can modify, use unrestrictedly and at the same time looks good out of the box. The list is in no particular order…

Fruitful (9/10)

Great customisation panel, easy to add custom CSS, and most things can be changed with a click or two. The design is clean, site is responsive and could just about suit most businesses.

Demo and Download

TwentyTwelve (7/10)

Stock standard, clean and minimalistic. Really easy to modify using a child theme and heaps of tips online due to the large community of users.

Demo and Download

Responsive (9/10)

As the theme stands, it’s clean, easy to use and customise, and simple to get the hang of. Once you start playing around with custom CSS and using it as a framework, you get a theme that simply works. I have seen this theme used in ways you would not recognise with the smallest of changes to layouts. BRILLIANT THEME!

Demo and Download

Fashionista (8/10)

I have used a few magazine/ news blogging themes and Fashionista really kicked butt. Great little theme, easy to use and has not given me any hassles. In use on this site as of writing this.

Demo and Download

Imbalance 2 (7/10)

Great blogging theme that could be used for just about any portfolio. Simple in structure and once you get the posting looks great with images of all sorts. Used this theme a few times in the past and works well without any issues.

Demo and Download

Imbalance  (7/10)

Another extremely beautiful theme for portfolio’s or blogging. Again easy to use, simple in structure and looks good once you get posting.

Demo and Download

Socute Shop (7/10)

Stunning eCommerce site. Looks good, full of features and optional page home page styles. It’s not often you get a good theme that runs WooCommerce and built for ecommerce.

Demo and Download

Your turn, any free themes you particularly like? Please share with all of us.