Best 100% Free WordPress Themes for Your Business

I am a big supporter of the open source community. I always try use only open source where possible/ available and this includes using WordPress as my CMS to manage this site. Picking a theme that is free (open source) that is not just a ‘lite’ version to encourage you to purchase the full version […]

Use WordPress WooCommerce as a Point of Sale

Finally, you can use WooCommerce as a POS. I had a client website build last month and was asked if there was anything I could recommend that could be used as a Point of Sale (POS). Its then that I found out that the average cost for POS software (forget about the hardware) was upwards of […]

4 Reasons why Free WordPress themes are better than Paid

The Showdown: Free WordPress Themes VS. Paid WordPress Themes. WordPress (WP) is a wonderful, robust, and FREE content management system (CMS). It has provided many people a personal blogging platform (like this one), and also made available so many free open source plugins, themes, and the like; to the wider public. Many WordPress users start […]

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