Ever tried adding your Google AdSense ads into text in WordPress? If so you know it does not simply ‘paste’ and ‘fit’ into your copy with everything fitting (wrapping) nicely around the ad.

Try Google’ing it and you’ll be left even more confused.

Quick and Easy Solution?

If you are after a quick fix that manages itself then the Google AdSense plugin by Google is the best thing since sliced bread.

Plugin homepage.

Install this puppy and you will instantly be able to place ads anywhere on your blog. Few things to note:

  1. Need to have a valid AdSense account
  2. Plugin needs to be validated with your AdSense Account
  3. No more than 3 ads per page
  4. Remove all “Text Widgets” with AdSense ads in them

It’s All Good. It’s Made by Google

This plugin quickly analyses your blog or site and will then give you options where you could place the ads. The options are displayed with a red pointer icon and with a simple click your ads are automatically placed.

Be sure to think where you want the ads so you don’t end up with a Vegas strip that will get you no clicks. More about how to place ads to get more clicks here.

Click on any post type and do the same. This will automatically place ads on posts. Do the same for pages if you have any.


  1. Automatically places the right ad sizes
  2. Changes ad size for mobile on the fly (no need for separate ad sizes)
  3. Its really quick to setup- much faster than going via AdSense and creating new ad banners.
  4. Its made by Google- It works!

Short and sweet today. Have fun. Any comments, tips, or ideas; please share with the rest of us below.