How to Design to Get More Clicks on your Ads

If you are reading this we can safely presume that you have a blog or site with some sort of banner or text ads displayed on your site. You want clicks because clicks equal mullah. The reality is that most of us (including me) hardly get a click and often these ads are simply fugly, […]

How to grow your New Blog Following with the Rule of 10

The rule of 10 is one of the simplest ways to kick-start your engagement and grow a following on your new blog or website. It is based on the principle of how people are connected and influenced. Used correctly, this will not only help you grow but at the same time will give viewers of […]

Social Media Basics for Business

Facebook, Google+ and other social media platforms have become a norm for businesses. One of the first things business owners do after registering a company is almost immediately open social media accounts. As normal as it may be, the majority of businesses simply don’t have a clue how to use social media to their advantage. […]

Why your Facebook post’s organic reach is declining

I noticed a decline over the past year of my Facebook post’s organic reach. This has been steady and especially prevalent when I start a new page off with Facebook ads. Traditionally one could bank on at least 15% of your ‘Likes’ seeing your posts organically in their feeds. This is certainly not the case […]

How to get More Real Google Plus Followers Fast

This is a follow-up to our recent “How to Get Legitimate LinkedIn Connections Fast” post that delved into how to increase your reach for whatever reason you may have. So you want more social reach and Facebook is looking good, Twitter (coming soon), LinkedIn sorted and now Google Plus is looking a little thin. Ok […]

How to Get Legitimate LinkedIn Connections Fast

Type the above heading into Google and you will find thousands of different results on ‘how to get LinkedIn connections, fast’. From purchasing connections (fake), 10 steps to up engagement, through tips on how to keep at it like a pro until it grows organically. So what happens when you need it yesterday, you want legitimate […]

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