This is a follow-up to our recent “How to Get Legitimate LinkedIn Connections Fast” post that delved into how to increase your reach for whatever reason you may have.

So you want more social reach and Facebook is looking good, Twitter (coming soon), LinkedIn sorted and now Google Plus is looking a little thin.

Ok time for the great feature image to move off the screen. The lovely image above compliments of WikiMedia.

Don’t fret, this is quite a normal situation. Many of us would secretly rather be using Google Plus versus other social media platforms (it simply kicks butt) but unfortunately most of our friends, contacts, and family can be found on Facebook.

Why in the world would you want to?

Firstly, let’s look at the benefits to doing this. You will have a motive and I am guessing it’s got to do with making mullah right? We are all friends and it’s perfectly fine to be insanely selfish about it.

Truth is, it’s a great platform that serves many purposes when it comes to SEO, that cool little section on Google search that shows your business info with images, latest posts and also the nice little photo next to your search listing (rich snippets)…

I won’t go into negatives as presuming the above is true, the rest does not matter.

Paid vs. Real Users a Real Comparison


  • Instant
  • Obviously fake
  • Long term effects?
  • Google is a mysterious beast- do they know it is fake? Does that hurt your rankings?

Real Users

  • Expand your network
  • Potential clients anyone?
  • You might actually engage them with your interesting product or service
  • Long term reach
  • Its REAL- Google knows this right?

How it’s done.

We use TopLinked and our users are people just like yourself that would like to increase their customer reach, looking to break some record for the most connected and the self-proclaimed Open Networker.

They are real, they are active, and it’s a hell of a lot better than paid fake users…

Let’s get right into it.

Step 1

If you don’t already have an account with TopLinked click here and signup.

Two options, we use the LinkedIn list to add people to Google Plus or even better pay the $10 to access all the lists (Facebook, Twitter, G+ you name it).

Step 2

NB: Make sure that you use the same email address as your Google+ email.

You either have the LinkedIn list or have chosen the better option (paying the $10). Either way the easiest way to add the contacts to G+ is to follow the instructions by Google themselves here.

Make sure that you save the file as a CSV. Additionally, this will add the entire list to your Gmail contacts list. It can get messy i.e. on my Android I go to contacts and I have a squillion email address contacts…

I will definitely be posting how to fix this soon.

Step 3.

Now that you have you have all your contacts uploaded into Gmail (use the same account as your Google + account) you can now proceed to add them to Google+.

  1. Login to Google+ and on the top left menu (usually shows home) select People.
  2. Then go to Gmail contacts (again on the left)
  3. You now have the big job of adding all those contacts to your circles.

Important things to know about G+. If you add the contacts to your ‘Following’ circles, they will add you to their ‘Following’ circles. You also have to add them and in most cases you will end up with a lob sided ‘In your circles” vs ‘have you in circles” but this is just how it is.

It takes a few days to start seeing people adding you back but it will come.

Any luck anyone? Any other tricks we should all know about? Please share and comment below.