Responsive website design and why it matters to businesses

Have you ever checked out a website on your laptop, then opened it again on your mobile or tablet, only to find you do not have the same experience? This is what responsive design is all about; a website should respond according to a user’s device. A responsive design will display perfectly on all device […]

Building a kick-ass ecommerce website that sells

One of the most important factors of a website is its design, and this could not apply more to eCommerce websites. It is imperative that the design and experience of your online store outshine all your competitors – because we all know there is a pool of them out there. If you are looking to […]

Benefits of good web design for business big and small

Good web design is key to boosting business and gaining loyal clients. It’s how your business is perceived and its credibility scoring with your audience. Many businesses struggle to switch from underperforming websites to fresh user-friendly websites, and their business ends up paying the price. You wouldn’t want your business going down in flames, would […]

Themes vs custom coded websites

Looking to increase your bottom line? Your website needs to take centre stage! The beating heart of your online existence needs to be a cut above the millions of other websites roaming the internet. When it comes to the crunch, you have the option of building upon an existing website theme or creating a unique […]

Branding and Visual language. WTF? ????

Engaging a logo designer to design a logo is one step toward a brand. Branding done right goes deeper. The branding process not only helps you get to a final logo concept, but it also generates a cohesive brand and visual language that even if you removed the logo off one of your brand’s assets, […]

Backyard Sessions Cyprus

Another legacy project which someone in Awove (ahem… Noam) is forcing on all of us. But guess what? It’s now turning into a reality. We are super duper excited to announce that we are launching Backyard Sessions. Wop Wop. The new home for Cypriot entertainers, musicians and all those in the industry. Tell me more… […]

Monday Motivator: A hard pill to swallow. No one gives a sh*t. Get on with it.

The title may put you off- another grumpy Monday…? Nope. This is actually a motivational post with a harsh attention-grabbing headline. On with it already. I’ve had a great 2016 with massive changes in my personal life. I spent the better half of my late twenties feeling like I somehow lost it in the usual: […]

Thoughts on web design trends new and old for 2016

Im calling a few web design trends we can expect to see in 2016. This is by no means mind boggling and if you have any experience in web design the below trends solve UX (user experience) issues whilst catering for a mobile friendly environment. Which leads me to my first trend call. Death to […]

God I love Unsplash!

How many times do you find a gem of a thing in this world today? I can honestly tell you there are a few things other than my family that I really treasure in this world. One of the top 10 I have to say is the magical If I were religious and Unsplash […]

You are dope, and you do dope shit

It’s five minutes to five in the morning and I’ve been up since 02:30 am. To be honest, I am pretty under the weather and in between a house cold and general fatigue. It’s times like this that you function on some sort of reserve energies and you quickly realise what a body is capable […]

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