The title may put you off- another grumpy Monday…? Nope. This is actually a motivational post with a harsh attention-grabbing headline.

On with it already. I’ve had a great 2016 with massive changes in my personal life. I spent the better half of my late twenties feeling like I somehow lost it in the usual: bills, business and the like.

It only really hit me after a business trip where I met lots of young folk around my age who are in the startup scene. They were rocking it, in the thick of things and here I was paying bills thinking I could be doing this too!

Having hit success early on, and now coming into the early thirties I started realizing now it’s my time to nail it and is exactly what I am going to do. Get back into it.

One morning you wake up and you realise it’s my time. World here I come and realize that no one is waiting for you. You do another entrance and again, no one even as much as flinches.

Fuck. What now? You push a little harder- nothing happens. A little more and still. Nothing. You sulk a little, sit back and tally your losses. At this point, a little defeated but nonetheless ready for round two. Repeat. Dammit. Repeat. Ouch. Repeat.

I must be doing something wrong… No flippen chance I am not able to break through something that appears nothing more than an invisible barrier. Everyone else seems to be able to do it.

It was in this place that it hit me. No one is waiting for me. No one cares if I fail or succeed (really they don’t) and it is not meant to matter. I was looking for a cheering team, my corner coach that will give me my pep talk in between rounds, someone to wipe the wounds…

The reality is there is no one. I am coming back into the game at close to 10 years later than anyone else. No one is going to be easy on me. It’s skill and hard work that pay off. Raw talent isn’t enough anymore. I have to want it bad enough to do it myself.

If I can get you to take anything from this post, it’s this. We all have flaws, we all have a million and one things to complain about. The moment the little switch in your head switches and you realise that it’s you and only you that need to do it, the quicker you’ll actually pull it off.

For me this took a while and I guess I have early success to blame to an extent. Now in my very young 30’s Im about to get out there and do it again. This time is different. This time it’s what I want to do and what I am truly passionate about vs. what I felt was the easy route.

I sincerely hope for all of you reading this that you too find your moment of realisation where you can make that mental switch to go out and do it. It’s only you and you alone that is the difference between success and or failure.

All the best to you all this 2017.