Quit with the Backlinks Already!

It all started when interviewing a new SEO intern. I was asked to do the final interview, and for those of you who know me, I am not a big fan of “SEO optimisation”. You usually loose me when I get told that someone will be full time working on SEO. I mean, 8 hours […]

You are dope, and you do dope shit

It’s five minutes to five in the morning and I’ve been up since 02:30 am. To be honest, I am pretty under the weather and in between a house cold and general fatigue. It’s times like this that you function on some sort of reserve energies and you quickly realise what a body is capable […]

Remove default sorting dropdown from WooCommerce

This should work with your canvas or any other of the WooTheme themes. Paste this into your child theme’s style.css or use one of the many plugins available on WordPress. Code: .woocommerce_ordering, .woocommerce-ordering { text-align: right; display: none; } Have fun!

Why your Facebook post’s organic reach is declining

I noticed a decline over the past year of my Facebook post’s organic reach. This has been steady and especially prevalent when I start a new page off with Facebook ads. Traditionally one could bank on at least 15% of your ‘Likes’ seeing your posts organically in their feeds. This is certainly not the case […]

The 4 Elements to a Killer Advertising Campaign.

There are many articles out there that cover the basics or foundations of a good advertising campaign but none that demonstrate these using only famous quotes. There are many elements or formulas to a good campaign, but this about sums it up. Lets begin…  “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer […]

4 Reasons why Free WordPress themes are better than Paid

The Showdown: Free WordPress Themes VS. Paid WordPress Themes. WordPress (WP) is a wonderful, robust, and FREE content management system (CMS). It has provided many people a personal blogging platform (like this one), and also made available so many free open source plugins, themes, and the like; to the wider public. Many WordPress users start […]

How to locate your htaccess File when you have tried everything else

Some host providers give you the option to show hidden files the first time you access your file manager i.e. CrazyDomains. But what happens when you skipped it and it never asks you again? Firstly, if you are on a standard cPanel setup, you should have an option at the bottom of your cPanel interface […]

How to Get out of a Business with a Friend or Family Member

So you found yourself in business with a friend or family member and its simply not working out. We have all heard the advice “don’t go into business with a friend or family member”. But as most entrepreneurs know having a wingman or someone to share the initial excitement with happens all the time. Friends […]

How to get More Real Google Plus Followers Fast

This is a follow-up to our recent “How to Get Legitimate LinkedIn Connections Fast” post that delved into how to increase your reach for whatever reason you may have. So you want more social reach and Facebook is looking good, Twitter (coming soon), LinkedIn sorted and now Google Plus is looking a little thin. Ok […]

When a Job Interview goes Awkward

Recently I had the pleasure of attending an interview at a large company. Everything seemed promising but somehow turned into an awkward mess. Selling myself usually comes naturally; yeah I know- it’s all me, but on this particular occasion it was like the gods had decided to hand me a shit day. Some Foreplay or […]

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