If you manage a blog or write blogs for hire, you may have heard the phrase “evergreen content” and wondered how it’s applicable to your content marketing services. Should you be bothering to write evergreen content for your sites? It seems like someone is tossing around another coin phrase each month. Does evergreen content improve SEO – Search Engine Optimisation? What does this mean for your blog?

Evergreen content is defined as search engine optimised content posted on a blog or website that remains perpetually relevant. You may be wondering what on earth does a blog have to do with an evergreen tree, unless you’re writing about evergreen trees?

Evergreen trees keep their leaves throughout the season, and rarely shed them. You can see the trees in your backyard, and they’ll perpetually look and smell good. And that’s where your online content should be brought into play. You need to create online content for your blogs that looks and smells good too.

An evergreen tree is a great symbol of perpetuity, and you want your blog posts to be relevant through the seasons, and years. Hey, wait a minute, you’re asking…

How do I make my blog smell good too?

What are the best types of evergreen content? Basically, anything that will be relevant year round. List style types of articles are great, as well as blogs offering tips, instructional “how-to tutorials, encyclopedia type articles, product reviews, and videos. Think long term relevance.

Some examples of content that’s not going to smell so good by the next season includes anything related to the holidays. If you’re writing about Christmas in the upcoming month, come January, people are going to want to skip over your article for something that’s more relevant to them. But writing an article about the best stereo system is likely going to be a topic that’s applicable year-round for that particular market. Just leave the tinsel out of it.

Be sure to pay attention to your photos, illustrations, and diagrams as well. You don’t want to post a Christmas tree in your best stereo blog post, or if you do, be sure to change the photo by January.

There are topics year-round that your readers are dying to read about. And they needn’t include lights, baubles, and streamers. People always enjoy reading about personal finance articles, particularly if it means more money in their pockets. Love and romance is popular with the younger crowd. Who doesn’t enjoy some great food articles? People are always seeking the latest advice on losing weight, and how to find a good job. Those annoying cat topics always seem to be a popular topic online as well.

Relevance, relevance, relevance!

Keep your topics relevant to your blog as well. If people are seeking car repair advice on your mechanic’s blog, they likely don’t want to look at all your cat photos. They’re more likely to read your article if it pertains more to “how to find the best car mechanic”. This will help keep your blog relevant to your target audience.

When you’re writing evergreen content for your blog, you want your articles to have the potential to remain relevant for years to come. Your content marketing strategy should include a mix of topical articles, as well as long-lasting evergreen content too.