I am a fan of the old home-brew and have collected quite the collection of wooden beer crates over the years. My wife recently pointed out that we have outgrown our bookshelf and it is time for something larger.

A quick search online and in our local stores we are reminded that not only is furniture grossly overpriced but also cheaply made. We are really into vintage and treasure our collection of unique pieces of furniture that we have acquired over the years.

Disappointed we think outside the square and having used crates around the house before we thought we’d give it a go and viola. We plan to add some wheels to the base of the current bookshelf for the truly industrial look. Additional layers can be added as we need.

There are so many benefits to upcycling old wooden crates and better yet at $4-$6 a box at most bottle stores and a really full recycling bin (empty bottles); you cant go wrong.