Ok, admittedly, quite a silly question, but we all grew up watching Kung Fu/ Martial Arts movies secretly wishing we could open a can of whip-ass with such style and grace. Let’s not get started on the Jedi phase…

Whether the thought has crossed your mind or not; you are here and reading this now. So can it be done? Can ONE man take on a group of assailants and gracefully, move by move, take them all down…? I don’t think so.

Apart from the odd Judo class as a kid, I’m no martial arts man, never really was one for discipline or fighting. I have, however; witnessed quite a few fights (mostly drunks) and the bone cracking sound of someone getting punched is something that I cannot get out of my head.

Usually, actually all of the fights I’ve witnessed, it’s all over within a few seconds and NEVER looks half as good and purposeful as in the movies.

There’s a usually a standoff, words exchanged and then the attack. Fists fly erratically (if not already over from the first punch) and then they go for the grappling and someone goes to the ground.

State of Mind, State of Mind, State of Mind.

You will hear many martial artists say the same thing- “you will know what to do in a fight, it’s the state of mind, and the calm that comes from the training”. But do they actually get to throw the beautifully choreographed moves they even name? Again, I don’t think so.

Correct me if I am wrong, fights are different and every attacker is different. Are they drunk, are they experienced? What is their size/weight? All of these variables make for a pretty uncertain environment. Moreover, fights are dirty, and they don’t know the moves you do to allow for a smooth good looking fight.

Do I believe that a boxer or experienced fighter knows how to take a punch, control the fight and when given the window; have the ability to inflict damage better than most do? Yes.

By far the closest to what it could be like having some training in a real fight (not a real fight obviously).

Run Baby, Run!

Ok, so you are walking down the street, it’s late at night, and you see some punks walking toward you. You know they are trouble, you know you suck at fighting or maybe believe you can take them on (you hold a black belt). What do you do?

You fucking run. Simple as that. Putting aside all the training, movies, and our childhood fantasies we can all agree you simply avoid fights. Too many people get permanent damage and in some cases die from a simple testosterone inflicted punch. Let’s not forget that some carry weapons too.

Lucky for me I have avoided fights in general (I am very popular).