There’s this song playing on the radio and it feels all too familiar, almost as though you can remember and sing along with the lyrics. I never really gave it more thought as it plays on the radio that often you’d presume just another new hit.

However; waking up this morning with the song playing in my head, I decided to Google it and add it to my playlist.

Anyway, punching in the lyrics I simply could not find the song. Now officially challenged I search deeper and deeper until I stumble across what looks like a cover by amateur artists. I look in the description and comments to find out whom they are covering.

Thats when it hit me! This is the song / artist and that is the only version!

What is it?

Took me a while to work it out but this is a project by a gentleman that goes by the pseudonym Kutiman. The project is called Thru You Too and is basically a mix of random instrumental loops put together with an original YouTube vocalists songs.

To be clear, those video’s you see on YouTube of aspiring artists singing originals with no audio mixed with random instrumental loops… Make a masterpiece.

Meet Erika Anderson.

To demonstrate, Meet Erika Anderson. We don’t know much about her apart from her stunning voice, however; put her song together with other random musicians and you have yourself a hit ladies and gentlemen!

Please support her by sharing her work with everyone you know!

The original.

A mixed masterpiece. My Vendetta

Some of the other artists and some more magic!

Enjoy Folks