I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine. Without going into too much detail, he is pretty much the opposite of me.

He is Swiss German and very meticulous and consistent. I’m super spontaneous and find it very difficult to follow through with things (more like stick with things).

We often talk once or twice a month and exchange stories about our families, work etc and always end up talking about our sites. He reads a lot of books and does many online courses so happy to pass the info onto me.

I benefit heaps from this as I find it very hard to read a book from start to finish and thoroughly enjoy it when I get the crux of it from him. Really poor form on my part, YEAH I know. I hear it from the wife all day long.

One of the most recent one liners from his online ventures and reading has really struck me this week. I thought about blogging about it and finally got round to is. So here goes.

If you are not writing angry or feeling that your writing is too personal; it is not worth sharing or writing about.

This is a fantastic statement and since I don’t have any new year’s resolutions for 2015; this will become mine.

Often when one writes, we think too much about how the reader interprets the information. Additionally, we often focus too much on SEO, writing good headlines, and focusing the article to get more clicks to another page on your site to help with your bounce rates.

In reality, most blogs, especially those with multiple topics, will mostly get long tail traffic. Writing something so entertaining to your viewers that they come back for more is a monumental task!

I mean, think about this for a second. We all have stories to tell, expertise in something or another and then to put it on paper (digitally) in a form that is not only entertaining but makes someone share it, tell others or simply come back another day for more, that’s bloody brilliant.

What if we were to strip away our preconceptions of what a good post should be and simply write freely? Sounds super corny, but rather focus on writing from the heart without thinking about SEO, user experience, engagement, bounce rates and the likes.

This may well be the X factor for your blog or site. People like personal, human content. I do find that writing when angry or getting a little too personal (letting people in) definitely provides entertaining content.

You are always the most open then. Think about the last time you got the shits with a co-worker, boss or family member. You know you are not meant to say anything in the heat of the moment, but when you do it all just comes out.

Thinking too much about your writing is often the same as “sleeping on it” before responding to an email. It often lacks the truly emotional essence of the feeling at the time.

Anyway, I did not really have much to say on the matter apart from sharing the line that somehow makes sense to me. I will definitely take it on board and write when I am angry, emotional and simply stop thinking about SEO and the like as a deciding factor on what to post and how to write it.

Enjoy folks, please share your thoughts and comments with the rest of us below.

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