Hide Products from Displaying in Shop Page WooCommerce

Not too much to discuss regarding this apart from the fact took me forever to find. 

If you want to hide a particular product form displaying from your WooCommerce shop page but still have it published here’s the trick:

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  1. So . . . . what if you want to hide the product on the main shop page, but you want it visible in other places?

        1. Hi there, Noam
          I want to stop the products and categories being posted on the SHOP page but want to keep them where they automatically pop up as products people may like on the single product page. Is this possible?

          1. I think this is a little more than just a line of code. Are these bundle products or add on products to the parent product? Noam.

      1. Hey there that’s why I need to do. I want to hide 1 products from displaying in “all products/categories”, but I want it to be visible once it is under its own category.

  2. “Catalog visibility” I dont see that on my page :((
    I just want to have blank page. How do that?

  3. I want to use a hidden product to add on as a cross sale. When I mark it as hidden it wont show up as a cross sale. Do you know how to do that?

  4. I’d like to be able to run some traffic to a special offer of 3 bundled goods that are not in my shop front.. but on a special page. Is that possible?

  5. Apologies if you have answered this already.

    I have a selection of products which I don’t want to appear in the catalog or in the shop, however I do want them to appear on a page which is password protected. So basically password protect who can find and purchase the products. I have used the

    shortcode which works well to display my choose products on my password protected page, but if i hide my product (Product visibility on edit product screen) it won’t show up on the protected page.

    Many Thanks Chris 🙂

  6. I need help PLEASSSE! 🙁

    All my products in my shop are showing on one page. When you click on the shop page you should see all the tiled categories. When i go to the display settings under woocommerce and select to show categories it does the same thing

    I’d appreciate some tips here to save the hair on my head!


    1. Hi Shay, apologies for the late response. This appears to be a theme issue. Some themes have no template setup for WooCommerce archive / category pages. Thus regardless of the settings on the WooCommerce backend, you will only see a list of products. If I am right, you’d need to contract a developer (and designer if you want a specific look) to fix this for you.

  7. No clue if you still use or answer ehre but ima give it a try because I need help with this!

    What i have:

    3 category’s (coffeebeans, coffemachines and “other products”).

    On http://www.website/shop/ you can see alll products from those category’s.


    What I want: ONLY have coffeebeans visible, but be able to FILTER to the other category’s too.

    So by standard I have only category 1 visible, but I can filter/browse to the other 2 category’s by “clicking on filter–> category”.

    Now when I do this trick it also hides it from the filter menu so I/the user have no way to navigate to those other products 🙁

    example: http://www.eightytwenty.nl/koffie/shop

    1. Hi mate.

      Simplest way to achieve this without going ape shit on the code is to create a custom “Shop” link on your WP main menu.

      This way when your users click on “Shop” they are in fact on the category: http://www.eightytwenty.nl/koffie/shop/?swoof=1&product_cat=horeca i.e. the “coffee” category when they first click shop. This way the filters on the side still work per category.

      On the sidebar you can also (which I’d recommend for UX) create a text widget with your four categories instead of the dropdown. Each is just a custom link to the category i.e. Coffee, Machines, Cleaners et al.

      Anyway, the above will work for you. Anything else ping me on FB (noam.stiekema – the only good looking one) and Ill quickly do it for you.


  8. If anyone still answers on here that would be amazing. I have a few products that I do not want to be visible on the ‘view all’ ‘shop’ page. I would like to make these products available on a separate page but also not on the general categories page. Is there anyway to do this?

    1. Hi Edward. Thanks for your comment. When you say you want it visible on a seperate page – is this the product page itself (the product you are hiding) or also a seperate archive page? Feel free to ping me at [email protected] – I can help you out quick.

  9. This is the only solution I’ve found but it doesn’t work for what I’m trying to do.

    I want to hide a product from the shop page and only have it show up in the category.

    I’m doing it for a photography client.

    So she has prints shes trying to sell to specific clients that she doesn’t want on her store. So I want to hide the products from the shop but embed the category the products are in on a password protected page. But since I click hide product it hides it from literally everywhere, it doesn’t show up at all.

    Any idea how to make what I’m trying to do happen. I’ve bought a dozen products now for it and its way over budget.

  10. Hello Noam,

    Thanks for the tip. I have done the above but now I want to see a list of products in Woocommerce that are hidden just for admin purposes. So under products -> all products, is it possible to have a filter which filters by catalog visibility?

  11. Thanks for getting me going in the right direction. I saw this asked a few times in the comments section. Say I have one category that I have decided to hide from the normal store. Your tip works great for this. But now I want to show that category on a password protected page. The answer is to use the WooCommerce shortcodes.

    In this example I have hidden all the products in the gift-card category as I only want it available to specific VIP customers. I create a password protected page and then put this shortcode in it. This shows only gift-card products that are hidden.

    1. Hi Jamas! I’ve tried your code, but it shows visible products only… What am I doing wrong? Can this code be adjusted to product level, showing hidden products by SKU/ID? Thanks a lot in advance!!! 🙂

  12. You are awesome! I’ve been looking around and finding different code snippets and paid addons and it was there the entire time, and thanks to you my day just got a whole lot better. Thanks!

  13. Hi,

    Great article but I do have a question about your sollution.

    Namely, I have set a product to:


    This product is indeed not showing anymore on the shop page anymore.

    I use in on my shop page to search products this plugin:

    Taxonomy Chain Menu

    But now when select the category where in is the product I set to: Search, it not show it on shop page.

    How to solve this issue so that the product:

    – is not shown on default shop page
    – is only shown in shop page in the search result by the Taxonomy Chain Menu?

    Best regards,


  14. Great find and thanks for sharing. The less need for additional code snippets the better!

  15. Is there a way to hide a product page that you don’t want to sell individually, only as part of a bundle? When I mark it as hidden, it removes the inventory from the bundled item as well so I still need the product to be “live”.. just not sold from that page.. only on the bundle.

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