This is the second time we have received an email from clients with instructions to please sort this ASAP. The below email (most are similiar) has probably caught many webmasters off guard as it seems very innocent at first but tricks you into buying domains for a hefty fee in a China (or Asia) where you may never do business in the future.

The dodgy email:

It’s a scam folks!

The email is a scam first off. The company may seem legitimate, have a website, however; don’t be duped.

No domain company in the world will be contacting you (often small businesses) and wanting to use your name (often so specific)…
Second, this gentleman has gone through the followup stage with them; and its a scam.
What to do if you get an email.

Delete the email first off.

If you wish to secure your domain name internationally, get in touch with us and we will take care of this for you.