There are two types of marketing for small business; free and paid. We all know which we prefer and ultimately if we can get more of the free stuff, the happier we are.

So what is free marketing?

Free marketing is right beneath your eyes. If you are a retailer and have a physical presence you are already marketing yourself simply by the fact that you are there. Free marketing channels are:

  • Local presence
  • Social Media
  • Email marketing
  • Word of mouth

Local Presence

Being local and having a presence is the simplest form of free marketing. Having your store tip top shape, clean, inviting and friendly will serve as your biggest contributor. Make sure your branding is consistent and your message is clear.

Social Media

We have all heard about this but social media is another form of free marketing. Use it to give an insider’s view into the daily life of you and your business. There is no correct formula and every business is unique.

Your target audience will determine how many times a week you post content, the content type and general flavour for your pages. Be yourself and treat it as a place where your customers can interact freely with you and your business. Encourage all your customers (also those that done buy) to join you on social media. Without a following social media can seem useless.

Email Marketing

This is another really important channel to use. If done correctly will keep interaction with your brand alive and also keep the focus on retention as a sales strategy. To build your database, encourage customers to register for your member’s club (call it what you wish).

Offer exclusive tips, discounts (if applicable) and events. Most customer if asked will agree. We help you manage your email database. Get in touch.

Word of Mouth

This is essential to growing your business. Turning customers into brand spokesmen and women will make the world of difference to your business future. We all know that great customer service, quality product, and followup are the key parts to turning one-off customers into returning customers that bring their friends.