How to locate your htaccess File when you have tried everything else

Some host providers give you the option to show hidden files the first time you access your file manager i.e. CrazyDomains. But what happens when you skipped it and it never asks you again? Firstly, if you are on a standard cPanel setup, you should have an option at the bottom of your cPanel interface […]

How to Get out of a Business with a Friend or Family Member

So you found yourself in business with a friend or family member and its simply not working out. We have all heard the advice “don’t go into business with a friend or family member”. But as most entrepreneurs know having a wingman or someone to share the initial excitement with happens all the time. Friends […]

How to get More Real Google Plus Followers Fast

This is a follow-up to our recent “How to Get Legitimate LinkedIn Connections Fast” post that delved into how to increase your reach for whatever reason you may have. So you want more social reach and Facebook is looking good, Twitter (coming soon), LinkedIn sorted and now Google Plus is looking a little thin. Ok […]

When a Job Interview goes Awkward

Recently I had the pleasure of attending an interview at a large company. Everything seemed promising but somehow turned into an awkward mess. Selling myself usually comes naturally; yeah I know- it’s all me, but on this particular occasion it was like the gods had decided to hand me a shit day. Some Foreplay or […]

How to Get Legitimate LinkedIn Connections Fast

Type the above heading into Google and you will find thousands of different results on ‘how to get LinkedIn connections, fast’. From purchasing connections (fake), 10 steps to up engagement, through tips on how to keep at it like a pro until it grows organically. So what happens when you need it yesterday, you want legitimate […]

Upcycling- Building a Book Shelf from Wooden Crates

I am a fan of the old home-brew and have collected quite the collection of wooden beer crates over the years. My wife recently pointed out that we have outgrown our bookshelf and it is time for something larger. A quick search online and in our local stores we are reminded that not only is […]

Can anyone really fight like on the Martial Arts movies?

Ok, admittedly, quite a silly question, but we all grew up watching Kung Fu/ Martial Arts movies secretly wishing we could open a can of whip-ass with such style and grace. Let’s not get started on the Jedi phase… Whether the thought has crossed your mind or not; you are here and reading this now. […]

Facebook Giveaway Scams Explained

Still haven’t won that iPad Mini or Lamborghini yet? You likely won’t. Have you entered to win a ton of Facebook contests recently but still haven’t received your Lamborghini, iPad or Samsung Galaxy in the mail yet, even though hundreds of prizes were offered? Well, you’re going to be waiting a very long time. Most […]

Importance of Branding

I do a lot of marketing work for a large corporation that has multiple offices around the globe. It’s quite an established brand within its industry and almost what you would call a house hold name. It’s been some time since taking over their digital presence and to be entirely honest, I’ve hit the ground […]

Turning Features into Benefits

In marketing, sales and advertising one tends to get stuck on features and in turn failing to find the benefits. Benefits sell products, without them we only have features or functions and no value adding proposition. Many products have clear benefits but what happens when you struggle to find the one benefit (beside the obvious) […]

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