Some host providers give you the option to show hidden files the first time you access your file manager i.e. CrazyDomains. But what happens when you skipped it and it never asks you again?

Firstly, if you are on a standard cPanel setup, you should have an option at the bottom of your cPanel interface that says ‘Reset all interface settings’. If you see this click this and try again.

If not and you missed it first time round and it never shows up again, you could consider yourself stuck. I searched long and hard to find a workaround with no success until I figured this out.


  • You have don’t have a ‘reset all interface settings’ on Cpanel (usually down toward the bottom)
  • You are not shown the option to ‘show hidden files’
  • You need to make changes to your .htaccess file.


Step One: Login and get access to your FileManager. Should look something like the below image.

Step Two: Navigate to your public_html folder, find you index.php file, right click on it and select ‘Code Edit’

Step Three: A popup will confirm- just click on Edit (see below image).

Step Four: Once you are in the edit screen (see below image) you simply need to modify the LAST PART of the Editing address from /index.php to /.htaccess

Final Step: Once changed click on ‘Re-open’ and you are now seeing your .htaccess file and can modify or add things as you please.