This post is about something that I have sort of seen work in my own life but simply had no way to really put it into words.

I guess this post is about kicking ass in everything you do, a mantra of sorts, or a simple tool that lets you get that little bit of extra satisfaction out of a any good moment.

That “moment” when everything works.

You are having one of those easy days. Everything is going really easy, no hassle, everything works, you have time, you are feeling on top of the world.

You go into a coffee shop around lunch and the lady behind the counter is looking a little tired after the lunch rush. You are obviously on fire from a kick ass day and she senses this.

Your positive energy rubs off on her and it seems she enjoys everything you say (again, day is going just super).

You order your drink, she is focused on you, nothing else matters. Now if you were single, this is what you would call a moment. Something happened and you are in the “game”.

You notice her name badge (Jane), order has been placed, you swiped your card and just as you are about to walk off you…

Jane… High Five

Is it the high five, is it your confidence or the fact that you are not having a shitty day? This moment is empowering for many reasons. It finishes a moment in a way not many expect with a confidence booster for both high fivers.

This moment is obviously not just for romantic situations but also in business, in the office or simply with a random stranger in public. Same effect.

Get the high five perfectly timed, almost as if planned and it will have those around you wanting that moment too.

Moral of the story

Go give more high fives. Use the moment to drive the magic high five finisher or use it as a starter to wherever it may take you.

Feature image compliments to Jaydeeos from Reddit.