If you are an artist or designer, it is possible you too hate your previous work. This is especially true with me and any of my previous work regardless of whether or not clients or other users rave about it; I still cannot bear it.

Design is art, this includes web design. Art is a funny thing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the stroke of an artists brush is an expression of beauty through the eyes of the artist. Art is also seasonal to the artist and sometimes we like a style, use of elements or are influenced by external or internal things that affect in a good or bad way; the art we produce.

So why do some artist absolutely hate their previous work? You may have won awards, been recognised for your exceptional work; nonetheless, you are a little ashamed of the previous work. In my case, web design, when I am asked to show my portfolio to new clients I almost feel ashamed. Some works are shit for sure, but at the same time, I too have been recognised for my work and yet still feel somewhat shy to showoff.

Every new piece for me is a new challenge to be better than the last and not only better but be a work of art that will win design awards. A little high of a standard to set, coupled with my perfectionist tendencies; and I go all in on every new project I am involved in.

Do I think this is a bad thing? Certainly not if you view it as a consequence of wanting to make something better every time I sit down. Does it affect my ability to simply get the job done? Most definitely.

I have become obsessed with keeping up to date with trends, finding styles or that little inspiration that sets you off on a new design adventure.

This obsession has also helped me develop a unique style, a taste of sorts that the more I develop as an artist, the deeper I go in this particular style.

I don’t have 20 years of design experience and have many things to learn. I am sure many good folk out there “suffer” from the same dislike for their previous work. This I presume is natural and a sign that you are developing at the same time.

You never stop learning and developing as an artist. There is a lesson or experience to learn from every project you do throughout your career.

Any experiences like this? Please share!