Alexa rank!!!?? You referred to what?

Another day and another somebody referring to an Alexa rank for one of my sites. Now this is a question that really gets me all warm and fuzzy inside (stopped getting irritated a long time ago). If you have a blog / site or recently started one, you have at some point stopped by […]

Death of online ads?

As I’m sitting here writing this, grin on my face and all; top right of my Google Chome browser I see the red stop sign with the white hand on it. AdBlock. This is my personal blog, PaperHedge. It’s blocking my own ads. To be honest, I’ve used it for years. Blocking ads not only […]

How to check if your pages are getting indexed and when

This is a little trick I learned after having trouble with another site of ours that simply was not getting crawled at the volume and rates as other similar sites as well as our pages not getting indexed fast enough after we published a post. The issue was that pages would sometimes take three weeks […]

God I love Unsplash!

How many times do you find a gem of a thing in this world today? I can honestly tell you there are a few things other than my family that I really treasure in this world. One of the top 10 I have to say is the magical If I were religious and Unsplash […]

Hate your previous work

If you are an artist or designer, it is possible you too hate your previous work. This is especially true with me and any of my previous work regardless of whether or not clients or other users rave about it; I still cannot bear it. Design is art, this includes web design. Art is a […]

How to use “share” to a Facebook page not personal page

Obvious to some but when you click on share to Facebook you are confronted with a share popup that asks you to use your personal Facebook account. In this particular case you want to share directly to your business page but it was created using your login for your personal account. I finally came across […]

Use WordPress WooCommerce as a Point of Sale

Finally, you can use WooCommerce as a POS. I had a client website build last month and was asked if there was anything I could recommend that could be used as a Point of Sale (POS). Its then that I found out that the average cost for POS software (forget about the hardware) was upwards of […]

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