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The Importance Of Great Packaging Design

Have you ever strolled through the supermarket and shopped based just on the look of a product? That super cool spaghetti packaging, or the milk carton that looks like a cow? 

As the saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover”, but we know damn well that is exactly what we are going to do when we go out to buy our new coffee capsules. 

Shoppers base their choices on colour, shapes and design which trigger them to react and purchase. 

The importance of packaging doesn’t just come down to your logo being slapped onto the design  – it is a key element of your entire marketing to make sure it sells. 

Your packaging needs to draw in customers not only for a one time purchase, but to remember it when strolling down the aisles next time. 

It’s all sensory.

Awakening senses is key when it comes to product packaging; generating an emotion, tapping into the subconsciousness of the consumer to trigger the conscious mind to put that product into their shopping cart. The visuals of the package need to answer: what am I? who am I? why do you need me?

Clear and precise messaging needs to be present, with that extra wow factor that will push the consumer to purchase your product over the next one. 

Shelf impact 

Your products need to shout out to the consumer. With hundreds of brands scrambling for a top-shelf spot, mediocre won’t cut it. Win your audience over with inviting colours, unique content, and a kick-ass design. Certain patterns will attract buyers to your product. But, keep it simple and pleasing to the eye – no one wants to have to dig deep for what they are looking for – make it evident.

Simple does not mean weak; contrary it evokes immense power of a product. Calm, precise and clean packaging stands out from all the noise and makes a huge difference in sales numbers. 

The Five-Year-Old Test

Your packaging is actually working wonders and creating a connection if you can describe your product to a five-year-old and they will find it in the store. Your brand distinctiveness will determine if it will stick in a consumer’s mind.

For example, if you tell a five-year-old to go in the store and find the blue pack with a white and black cookie splashed in milk, the chances are they will come back with Oreos – get our drift? 

Key Takeaways

Your package design goes above and beyond colours and branding. There are a number of elements that need to be considered when designing packaging, ensuring that it leaves your customers feeling like they just purchased something real special, whether it just be tea bags or a bottle of wine. 

If you are looking to revamp your packaging or are in the decision phase of a new product, leave it to the professionals at Awove to create some kick-ass packaging that will have your products flying off the shelves.

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