WooCommerce kicks butt. There simply is no competition out there. Out of the box it can handle pretty much everything you can throw at it. WooCommerce is versatile and extremely robust. Easy to setup for a newbie and easily allows for modification.

However, there are three plugins that make WooCommerce that much better. Here’s my list of MUST have add-on plugins for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Product Archive Customizer by James Koster

This was built for WooCommerce by one of the Woo gents, James Koster. He does a lot of amazing work and this plugin (one of his many) should be standard with WooCommerce out of the box.

This plugin basically gives you a lot more control over how your products are displayed on the shop page. Sounds easy? For most WooCommerce users this can be an absolute frustration trying to simply things like how many products in a row, removing certain things like stock levels and the like.

With a really simply set of options integrated directly into WooCommerce under the Products setting tab, you can with a click take control of those minor changes that cause so much frustration.

Free Plugin

Shout out to James / Visit plugin page

Table Rate Shipping

Another major source of frustration is when your products don’t not fit into a $5 anywhere in the country envelope.

If you have had to change shipping costs for more than one product, then add additional pricing for every other product you throw in, then ask if they require rural shipping with that- then you know what I am talking about.

Solution: Table Rate Shipping. Now this is not to be confused with WooCommerce’s very own Table Rate Shipping calculator, but rather the cheaper $21 one by BorderElements on CodeCanyon.

This has saved me hours of work, and has made arranging complicated shipping tables and rates a walk in the park.

Cost: $21

See their collectionVisit plugin page

Composite Products by WooThemes

If you have ever had to add products with combinations of complex variations and attributes only to end up saying, but wait they can choose two of one variation realising that this would mean a whole unfriendly list of variations with options to choose 1x variation a, 2x variation b ruining it for you.

Welcome Composite Products. What a breeze to setup and once you have your head around it, makes setting up composite products easy.

Cost: A hefty $79 to $199 but WELL worth it.

WooThemes / Visit plugin page

Your turn, what is your favourite WooCommerce add-ons or must have plugins? Please share with the community.