What Evergreen Content Means for Your Blog

If you manage a blog or write blogs for hire, you may have heard the phrase “evergreen content” and wondered how it’s applicable to your content marketing services. Should you be bothering to write evergreen content for your sites? It seems like someone is tossing around another coin phrase each month. Does evergreen content improve […]

Social Media Basics for Business

Facebook, Google+ and other social media platforms have become a norm for businesses. One of the first things business owners do after registering a company is almost immediately open social media accounts. As normal as it may be, the majority of businesses simply don’t have a clue how to use social media to their advantage. […]

Organic SEO Basics- Everything you Need to Know

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a term used widely in the digital world and refers to the optimisation of web content to rank higher in search engines. The three big letters seem to carry a lot of weight and scare many off into paying thousands of dollars a year on expensive ‘improve your rankings’ packages […]

The 4 Elements to a Killer Advertising Campaign.

There are many articles out there that cover the basics or foundations of a good advertising campaign but none that demonstrate these using only famous quotes. There are many elements or formulas to a good campaign, but this about sums it up. Lets begin…  “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer […]

Importance of Branding

I do a lot of marketing work for a large corporation that has multiple offices around the globe. It’s quite an established brand within its industry and almost what you would call a house hold name. It’s been some time since taking over their digital presence and to be entirely honest, I’ve hit the ground […]

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