How to target facebook ads to a specific languages (Easy fix ✌️)

Bumping your head and Googling how to target FB ads to a specific language can have you completely lost. Our mates at FB (yeah we go way back) haven’t made it so clear either. Awove to the rescue. Instead of spending the next 750 words describing the history of FB ads, why target languages are […]

Facebook Cover Image Quality Fix

Have you recently i.e. in the past year or so; tried to upload a Facebook cover image only to find that the quality looks like a dog’s breakfast? Welcome to the club. I always managed to figure it out but forget the work around so decided this time I’d write it down (for me and […]

Why your Facebook post’s organic reach is declining

I noticed a decline over the past year of my Facebook post’s organic reach. This has been steady and especially prevalent when I start a new page off with Facebook ads. Traditionally one could bank on at least 15% of your ‘Likes’ seeing your posts organically in their feeds. This is certainly not the case […]

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