Bumping your head and Googling how to target FB ads to a specific language can have you completely lost. Our mates at FB (yeah we go way back) haven’t made it so clear either.

Awove to the rescue.

Instead of spending the next 750 words describing the history of FB ads, why target languages are important and why you shouldn’t name your doggo a weird name, here’s the solution homies.


  • Three levels on the new FB ad manager.
  • Campaigns, Ad sets and Ads.
  • For this, you want to be working on the Ad set level.


Setup your ads normally in the language you want and then:

  • under the Ad set, open up the ad set you want to target to a specific language.
  • Then right below the Detailed Targeting section, there will be a small expand link “more options”
  • Click it and expand the options to show languages.
  • Type and select the language and you’re good to go.

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