When you log into Webmaster Tools and click on ‘Search Queries’ you will notice that Google will show you total numbers for impressions and clicks and ‘Displaying “x” of the total amount of clicks and impressions.

This can be super frustrating as this number is often around 30% of all your traffic. You use Analytics and Webmaster Tools to get insights into your traffic and stats so need to see the full picture.

It’s an Easy Fix

I stumbled onto the fix by accident after many hours searching for a way to unlock the clicks and impressions that were’nt showing.

  1. Log into Webmaster Tools & Select your site
  2. Under ‘Search Traffic’ select ‘Search Queries’ (removing the ‘Web’ filter button next to filters at the top will only show 10-20% more)…
  3. Click on the second tab ‘Top Pages’ and you will now see all of the impressions and clicks to your site. It does not show all the keywords as in the ‘Top Queries’ but will show you where all the clicks went i.e. which pages and basic info such as impressions, CTR and Avg. Position.

Hope this helps! Any tips or other ways you have worked out please share with all of us.