Anyone (especially ex-pats) living in Limassol, Cyprus will do the same thing about the rental property market; it’s grossly overpriced, and the apartments are sh*t. Anything half decent, if you can afford it, is off the market within hours, leaving many with scraps.Finding the perfect short or long-term rental can be difficult with inflated rental prices and a market full of old and outdated apartments. The team from Homeing is ready to solve this problem for the masses.With an abundance of apartments ripe for renovation, the team came up with the concept to renovate the apartments and manage the whole process for property owners. In turn, they create beautifully designed homes for their tenants, provide amazing services through their community and application, and everyone wins.The whole concept behind Homeing is meant to provide the rental market with a solution for both lessee and lessor whilst providing top-tier service through their community with all the additional perks you can expect from serviced apartments or hotels.We helped develop their brand to suit this message. Modern, trustworthy, playful and warm.

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