Yoast… Where did my Title and Meta Description go?

Featured image compliments of Panda Whale
So you updated your Yoast install with all the new snazzy look changes (ehhh)… Now you don’t know where to change your meta titles and meta descriptions.

Ok, you think. Do they (Yoast) know something we don’t about the future of SEO? Maybe just maybe Google is like, “no no… please… allow me (to decide for you)” and we did not get the memo?

Nice thinking, but not just quite yet.

Anyway, here you go (and to the genius who thought of this… it sucks sweaty balls and no it’s not clear. Thanks.)

Snippet editor –> Hover top right or top left in RTL… click on the pencil and then edit in the blue box…


New Yoast plugin not showing meta title and meta descriptions to change


I’m off to go cook a potato…