Who we are


Awove started out as a side “keep-me-busy” project that has grown into something a little more than expected with over 100 projects completed over the past 9 years.

Our team are a mix breed of good folk we’ve met along the way based out of Limassol, Cyprus.

Besides being insanely likeable, we are also pretty good at what we do. Whether you sell tanks, soaps or socks, we look forward to getting to know you and your business.


Projects completed.


Brands serviced


Design nominations

The difference

We specialise in small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). It’s what we do best. Working closely with your brand, becoming familiar and intimate with what makes you unique and then working hand in hand with your business to achieve your long term goals.

This methodology also allows us to be more creative, do more aggressive work and play with the boundaries of what is possible for SMEs without the hassle or bureaucracy that comes with large corporations.

Let’s meet

To arrange a one on one meeting to discuss your business needs, growth opportunities or just to meet the team, get in touch.