Fundamentals of Selling Benefits

In marketing, sales and advertising, getting down to the number one value proposition of your product or service is always the starting point. Your value proposition is what separates you from your competitors, makes your product better, and gives the customer the reason why they need to purchase your product. Sounds simple in theory, but […]

How to write kick ass headlines that get results

We both know the importance of quality headlines that grab attention. It gets us clicks, grabs the reader’s attention and has the ability to either make or break our marketing strategy. Did you know that up to 80% of your readers will only skim your headlines instead of reading your amazing copy…?? Headlines are not […]

Turning Features into Benefits

In marketing, sales and advertising one tends to get stuck on features and in turn failing to find the benefits. Benefits sell products, without them we only have features or functions and no value adding proposition. Many products have clear benefits but what happens when you struggle to find the one benefit (beside the obvious) […]

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