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How to remove yourself from a Google Analytic’s account or profile 2014

If you are the original account holder or administrator of the account / profile then you first need to pass on administration rights to another user (unless you completely want to delete the account).

If you are the Administrator.

To grant administrator rights to someone else you need to login into Analytics –> Admin –> Select account –> User Management then:

  1. Add permissions to a new user by entering an email address for the user via the Add permissions for: section or alternatively;
  2. If the user is already connected to this account, simply change account permissions to “Manage Users, Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze”. 

Removing yourself.

  1. Under the User Management confirm that someone else has admin rights (under account permissions someone needs to have “Manage Users, Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze”.
  2. Proceed by clicking on Delete (far right) on the same line as your email and user.

If you are not the administrator, then you will only have an option to remove yourself from the profile. Click confirm.

Hope this helps. Any tips, suggestions or comments, please share below.

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