Engaging a logo designer to design a logo is one step toward a brand. Branding done right goes deeper.

The branding process not only helps you get to a final logo concept, but it also generates a cohesive brand and visual language that even if you removed the logo off one of your brand’s assets, your brand will still be easily recognizable ????.

Your logo is only one element and part of your visual language.

Example of a strong visual language

An example of a cohesive visual language can be seen in the St. Andreas Hotel project we recently completed. A unified visual language that makes each element recognizable as a part of the brand.

What do you see and feel?

If you look at the examples above, you will notice that if you block out the logo and name on the images, you will still see the brand’s visual language.

General first impressions that we can experience without the logo in view if branding was done correctly:

  • Personality – what emotions or personality comes through looking at the creative assets? Is it fun? Quirky? Is it serious or corporate?
  • Target audience – who is the brand targeting? Is it focused mostly on a younger audience? Is it focused on a more serious corporate audience? Is it neutral?
  • Emotions – what emotions does the visual language envoke in you? Is it a feeling of security? Warmth and welcoming?
  • Recognisability – do you recognize the brand? If you’ve seen the brand before and you saw only one element of it alone, would you be able to recognize or link it to the memory?

These are all key factors when considering branding and your brand’s visual language. Your brand is built with a purpose that includes your brand’s long term purpose, who you are, where you’ve come from, who you are targeting and what emotions you want your brand to invoke in those who come into contact with your brand.

Let’s look at another completely different example. Again a completely different feel, emotion, and personality. Unique in its own way. This is the beauty of branding and identity design.

It’s so much more than just a logo. It’s recognizability, an emotion that is invoked when someone encounters your brand for the very first time. Its a personality. It’s alive and going places.

This is the key difference when branding is done correctly. You end up with a cohesive visual language that perfectly speaks your brand’s language, represents its personality, who you’d like to target, and where you are going.

Does your brand have a strong and recognizable visual language? If not, we are an internationally recognized and award-winning branding specialist team that can help you craft the perfect brand and experience for your users.