Mobile Apps and Game Design
We are an award-winning creative team in Cyprus and can help you build your next mobile app or HTML5 game.

Looking for a revolutionary app or game? You’ve come to the right place if you wanna be fresh that is.

We can help build your dream game or app using the latest technology stacks, planning, design and strategy ensuring that your users will get addicted! With groundbreaking gamified experiences and unbeatable user engagement, our super geeks have got you covered.

Apps with Awove

A hybrid app is a program that is built using HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript. In other words, it combines elements of both native apps and web applications.

The main features of a typical hybrid app are:

  • Faster app development
  • Simple and easy to maintain
  • Cross-platform UI
  • Integrate with a device file system
  • Less expensive app development and cost-effective maintenance
  • Single code management for multiple mobile platforms

A native app is a program that has been coded in a specific programming language, for devices having specific operating systems.

The main features of a native app are:

  • A high degree of reliability
  • Simple but Fast Performance and better user experience
  • Supports both online & offline transactions
  • Native features can best be exploited
  • Since these apps can be built only for a particular OS, a company or organization is required to make duplicate versions of the app, so that it can work on various other platforms.

HTML 5 game development

HTML5 is the way to go if you want to build a game that works on multiple platforms.

We will create bug-free, advanced, engaging and enticing apps which your users will be able to enjoy across a multitude of platforms, responsive on all screens.

  • Integrate games into your campaign strategy
  • Brainstorm for the creation of unique and interactive games
  • Blend in with your branding and identity
  • Tailor-made for your audience

Creating addictive apps is what we do best! Get in touch today to build your next app or game.

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