Fundamentals of Selling Benefits

In marketing, sales and advertising, getting down to the number one value proposition of your product or service is always the starting point. Your value proposition is what separates you from your competitors, makes your product better, and gives the customer the reason why they need to purchase your product. Sounds simple in theory, but […]

Chinese Domain Registry Scam Email

This is the second time we have received an email from clients with instructions to please sort this ASAP. The below email (most are similiar) has probably caught many webmasters off guard as it seems very innocent at first but tricks you into buying domains for a hefty fee in a China (or Asia) where […]

Easy Marketing

There are two types of marketing for small business; free and paid. We all know which we prefer and ultimately if we can get more of the free stuff, the happier we are. So what is free marketing? Free marketing is right beneath your eyes. If you are a retailer and have a physical presence […]

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