Facebook Cover Image Quality Fix

Have you recently i.e. in the past year or so; tried to upload a Facebook cover image only to find that the quality looks like a dog’s breakfast? Welcome to the club. I always managed to figure it out but forget the work around so decided this time I’d write it down (for me and […]

WooGang Club, Is it Legit or a Scam? It’s GPL Baby!

UPDATE: I have recently started having issues with WooGang and some plugins coming through “dirty”. I know that some folk in the comments below have been having similar problems as well. With this in mind, I cannot recommend WooGang. I have left this post up as it has become popular. Any other recommendations? Please share […]

Focal Points & your Next Design Project

Ok, admittedly this is a topic that seems so obvious but can be extremely hard to implement. I mean, focal point/s is one of the first things you learn when designing, how hard can it be, right? After many years of knocking out various design projects, I still find this one of the hardest principles […]

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